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    Chattanooga Covenants & Restrictions

    These Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions do change. For example, some neighborhoods each phase of a subdivision can be different. These documents are to be considered a reference point only. Covenants and Restrictions can and do expire over time.


    Andover Place Subdivision


    Arbor Cove

    Apollo Shores

    April Valley

    Arbor Creek

    Arbor Landing

    Arbor Woods

    Arrowhead Resort

    Ashbrook Subdivision

    Asher Village

    Ashwood Place

    Auburn Meadows

    Austin Chase

    Autumn Crest

    Autumn Oaks

    Autumn Rain

    Autumn Ridge

    Autumn Wind


    Bal Harbor

    Barrett’s Pointe

    Barrington Pointe

    Battery Patton Condos

    Battle Bluff Estates

    Bay Front View Subdivision

    Bay Point Estates

    Bay Run Subdivision

    Bay Shore Place

    Beaverdam Creek Estates

    Belleau Ridge Subdivision

    Belleau Woods Subdivision

    Belvoir Place

    Benton Estates

    Benwood Subdivision

    Bicentennial Estates

    Birnam Woods

    Blackberry Farms

    Blue Mountain Air Park

    Bluff Creek

    Bluff Creek- Fox Run

    Bluff View Subdivision

    Boston Branch Subdivision

    Boulevard Trails

    Bowman Forest

    Brady Point

    Bragg Point

    Brainerd Hills

    Brainerd Manor

    Brandermill Estates

    Bently Woods

    Bridge Creek Estates


    Brier Branch

    Brilin River Estates

    Brookside Commons

    Broom’s Country Estates

    Brow Estates Subdivision

    Browns Ferry Landing

    Buchanan Place Subdivision


    Callaway Farms

    Cambridge Estates

    Cambridge Point

    Cambell Cove

    Caneadea Subdivision

    Canterbury Knoll Condominiums

    Canyon Cove

    Canyon Ridge

    Canyon Trace

    Captain’s Quarters Townhomes

    Carriage House Condominiums

    Carriage Hill Subdivision

    Cedar Creek

    Cedar Crest
    Cedar Heights Subdivision

    Cedar Pointe

    Channel Pointe Subdivision

    Chapel Bend

    Charleston Trace Townhomes

    Cherokee Springs

    Cherokee Valley

    Chestnut Cove Subdivision

    Chestnut Oaks

    Chestnut Ridge Subdivision

    Chevoit Hills

    Chimney Hill Subdivision

    Chiswick Subdivision

    Clear Creek

    Clift Mill Village

    Cloudland at Lookout Mountain

    Colonial Shores

    Columbus Country Manor

    Cowart Estates

    Creek’s Bend Village

    Crestwood Subdivision

    Crooked Creek

    Crown Vista Estates

    Culver’s Addition to Soddy Lake Heights

    Cummings Cove

    Cypress Ridge at Boynton Condominium


    Danbury Cove

    Daniel Estates

    Davidson Place Estates

    Deer Ridge Subdivision

    Deer Run Subdivision

    Denmoore Community

    Derby Downs

    Devlan Forest

    Dixon’s Addition

    Dogwood Grove

    Dogwood Place Townhomes

    Drake Forest Subdivision

    Drake Villa

    Dream Catcher Subdivision

    Dreamfield Subdivision

    Dry Valley Pointe


    Eagle Bluff

    Eagle Creek

    Eagle’s Nest

    East Brainerd Ridge Addition

    Edgemon Highlands

    Edgewater Estates

    Elder Cove

    Elder Mountain Subdivision

    Elderview Subdivision

    Elizabeth Estates

    Ely Trace Subdivision

    Enclave at Riverview Subdivision

    English Oaks Subdivision

    Equestrian Heights

    Exchange South Building Condominium


    Fairway Estates

    Falcon Bluffs

    Falcon Crest Subdivision

    Falling Water Heights

    Farming Rock Meadows

    Farmingdale Trails Subdivision

    Fieldstone Subdivision

    Fine Estates

    Flagstone Subdivision

    Flibeta Boat Club

    Forest Acres Subdivision

    Forest Plaza

    Forest Shadow Estates

    Fox Run

    Franklin Place

    Friar Branch Townhomes

    Frost Creek Farms


    Gardner Place

    Gentry Square

    Georgetown Bay Subdivision

    Georgetown Landing Subdivision

    Georgetown Place Subdivision

    Georgetown Trace

    Ginger Lake Estates

    Glenview Estates

    Golden Oaks Subdivision

    Goose Pointe Subdivision

    Gracewood Hills

    Grand Center Estates

    Grayson Ridge

    Greenbriar Cove

    Greenbriar Overlook


    Hailey’s Pond Subdivision

    Hale Vandergriff Dowlin Farm

    Hamilton Mill Subdivision

    Hamilton on Hunter Subdivision

    Hamilton Run Subdivision

    Hamphire Place

    Hampstead Hall

    Hampton Cove

    Harborpoint Villas

    Hargis Estates

    Harrier Hill

    Harrison Acres

    Harrison Bay Estates

    Harvest Gate Subdivision

    Hawks Cove

    Heatherwoods Subdivision

    Heritage Estates

    Heritage Landing Condominium

    Heritage Ridge Subdivision

    Heritage Row Townhomes

    Heritage Woods Subdivision

    Hickory Valley Manor

    Hickory Valley Townhomes

    Hidden Acres

    Hidden Brook Addition to Birnam Wood

    Hidden Harbor

    Hidden Lakes

    Hidden Ridge Estates

    Highridge Subdivision

    Hill Crest Estates

    Holcomb Road Subdivision

    Holly Glen Shores



    Hopewell Heights Subdivision

    Horse Creek Farms Part 1

    Horse Creek Farms Part 2

    Hudson Estates

    Hunter’s Bend

    Hunter’s Hollow Subdivision

    Hunter’s Ridge

    Hurricane Creek Estates

    Hurricane Mountain Subdivision


    Indian Shadows Subdivision


    Jamestowne on Signal

    Johnston Woods Subdivision

    Julian’s Place


    Kelley Place Subdivision

    Kensington Park Subdivision

    Keys on the Lake

    Keystone Ridge Subdivision

    Kings Cove Subdivision

    Kings Valley Subdivision

    Kingwood Estates

    Kyle Acres


    Lake Daniel

    Lake Haven

    Lakeshore Cove

    Lakewood Subdivision

    Lakewood Village


    Laurel Creek Subdivision

    Laurel Oaks Subdivision

    Laurel Springs Subdivision

    Lee Pike Estates

    Legacy Heights Subdivision

    Legends Subdivision

    Lenox Hills Subdivision

    Lenox Trace Townhomes

    Lindsay Court

    Linforth Condominium

    Little Creek

    Long Branch Subdivision

    Lookout Glen Condominium

    Looney’s Creek Subdivision

    Lots O’ Lake Subdivision

    Luke’s Landing Subdivision

    Madalyn’s Ridge

    Magnolia Lea Subdivision

    Magnolia One Subdivision

    Majestic Hills

    Majestic Views

    Majesty Estates Subdivision

    Mallard Woods Subdivision

    Maple Glen Subdivision

    Mapleton Forest

    Maplewood Subdivision

    Marina Cove Place

    Marina Cove

    McDonald Terrace Subdivision

    McGee Property

    McKenzie Farm

    Meadow Acres Estates

    Meadow Lark Subdivision

    Meadow Stream Subdivision

    Meadow Woods Subdivision

    Meadowbrook Heights Subdivision

    Middleton Estates

    Millwoode Estates Subdivision

    Mineral Park Subdivision

    Minnekahda Estates

    Misty Ridge Subdivision

    Mollys Meadow Subdivision

    Montclair East Condominium

    Montgomery Estates

    Morning Glory Farms

    Mossy Oaks Estates

    Mountain Brook Estates

    Mountain Lake Estates

    Mountain Meadow Estates Subdivision

    Mountain Oaks Village

    Mountain Pass Subdivision

    Mountain Shadows Estates


    Nantahala Estates

    North Creek Subdivision

    North Lake Subdivision

    North River Hills

    Northern Lights Subdivision

    Northshore Forest Subdivision


    Oak Lawn Subdivision

    Oak Meadows Subdivision

    Oak Shadows Subdivision

    Oakleigh Subdivision

    Ocoee Place Condominium

    Ocoee Riverside Subdivision

    Ogburn Subdivision

    Old Mill Trace

    Old Stage Run

    Old Thatcher Plantation

    North Shore One


    Palmer Lake Subdivision

    Patten Place

    Pavilion Townhomes

    Peachtree Estates Subdivision

    Peavine Ridge Estates

    Pebble Brook Subdivision

    Pikes Peak Subdivision

    Pine Crest Subdivision

    Pine Henge Subdivision

    Piney Bay Subdivision

    Pleasant Valley Acres Subdivision

    The Village at Plum Nelly

    Ponderosa Estates

    Priest Addition to Gamble Subdivision

    Princeton Hills Subdivision

    Pryor Cove Village Subdivision


    Quail Hollow Condominium

    Quail Run Subdivision

    Quarter Horse Estates


    Raccoon Mountain Estates

    Ramsgate Subdivision

    Museum Bluffs Parkview Condominium

    Regatta Point

    Remington Court Subdivision

    Reunion Subdivision

    Ridge Bay Subdivision

    Ridge Crest Subdivision

    River Cove Subdivision

    River’s Edge Subdivision

    Riverwood Subdivision

    Riviera Villas

    Robinson Farm Estates

    Rock Creek Subdivision

    Rockholt’s Peninsula Shores

    Rolling Hills North Subdivision

    Rolling Hills Subdivision

    Rolling Ridge Subdivision

    Rose Garden Subdivision

    Rosebrook Townhomes


    Saddle Ridge Subdivision

    Savannah Place Townhomes

    Savannah Ridge Subdivision

    Scarlet Ridge Subdivision

    Sequachee Acres Subdivision

    Sequatchie Knolls Subdivision

    Seven Lakes Subdivision

    Shady Grove Addition

    Shady Hollow Subdivision

    Shady Oaks Subdivision

    Shallowford Hills Subdivision

    Shelley-Johnson Subdivision

    Shelter Cove Subdivision

    Shenandoah Subdivision

    Shepherd Hills Subdivision

    Shoreline Subdivision

    Signal Place Subdivision

    Signal View Condominium

    Skyline Subdivision

    Sneed Crossing Subdivision

    Somerset Subdivision

    South Idlewild Addition

    Southern Heights Estates

    Southern Legacy

    Southwood Estates

    Spencer Place Subdivision

    Spring Cove Subdivision

    Spring Meadows Subdivision

    Spring Place Subdivision

    Spring Valley Subdivision

    St. Elmo Historic District

    St. Ives Community

    Stanford Place

    Station Pointe

    Sterling Pointe Subdivision

    Stillwater Subdivision

    Stone Creek Cabins Subdivision

    Stone Creek Crossing Subdivision

    Stone Creek Subdivision

    Stonebrook Subdivision

    Stonecrest Subdivision

    Stonehenge Subdivision

    Stonemill Subdivision

    Stone’s Throw Subdivision

    Stonewall Farm Townhomes

    Stormy Hollow Estates

    Stratford Place

    Stewart Heights

    Summerfield Subdivision

    Sun Bank Cove Subdivision

    Sunrise Meadows Subdivision

    Sunset Estates

    Sunset Pointe Subdivision

    Sunset Ridge Subdivision

    Sweetbriar Subdivision


    Tanya Lynn Estates

    Taylor Estates

    Terrace View Resort

    Thatcher Crest Subdivision

    The Bluffs at Nickajack Landing

    The Canyons

    The Cove at Apollo Shore

    The Cove at Pine Harbor

    The Escape Subdivision

    The Farm at Hampton Meadows

    The Farm

    The Gables

    The Gardens at Heritage Green Condominiums

    The Heights at Island Point

    The Highlands

    The Homeplace

    The Legends Subdivision

    The Plantation

    The Pointe Subdivision

    The Reserve at Battlefield Crossing

    The Ridge Subdivision

    The Summit Subdivision

    The Trails Subdivision

    The View Subdivision

    The Villages at Savannah Bay

    The Vineyard Subdivision

    The Woodlands Subdivision

    Thornberry Hill Subdivision

    Thrushwood Townhomes

    Timber Ridge Subdivision

    Tom Boyd Subdivision

    Towee Mountains Subdivision

    Town Country Estates

    Townhomes at Stone Trace Subdivision

    Townsend Estates Subdivision

    The Traditions

    Trojan Run Subdivision

    Twelve Oaks Subdivision


    Vaden Village Community

    Valleybrook Subdivision

    Valleybrook Townhomes

    Varnell Estates

    Victoria Village

    Villa Green Community


    Walden Farms

    Walnut Run Subdivision

    Washington Hills Subdivision

    Waterhaven Subdivision

    Waterpark Estates Subdivision

    Waterford Place Subdivision

    Weaver’s Branch Subdivision

    Wellesley Subdivision

    Wendy Valley Subdivision

    West Hills Subdivision

    West Plateau Subdivision

    West Point Subdivision

    Westfield Condominiums


    Weston Hills Subdivision

    West View Park Townhomes

    Wheeler Valley Farms

    Willow Creek Estates

    Windbrook Subdivision

    Windridge Estates

    Windstone Subdivision

    Windy Acres Subdivision

    Winning Gait Village

    Wolftever Landing

    Woodland Cove Subdivision

    Woodland Ridge Subdivision

    Woodmont Trace Subdivision

    Woodmoor Subdivision

    Woodridge Subdivision

    Worthington Springs Subdivision