Best Real Estate Apps

Don’t buy alone this spring! Download these five top-rated apps to help you buy, move, decorate, and budget like a boss! ⁣

Moved: Consider Moved your “personal moving concierge” — a sophisticated step up from your buddy with a truck. Moved will manage your entire moving process, from gathering moving company quotes, coordinating moving timelines, and offering options for packing supplies.⁣

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator: Nerdy numbers type? Then you’re gonna love Karl’s Mortgage Calculator. Calculate your mortgage payments given principal, interest, and term. Plus, you can reverse calculate for any one variable given the other three. Includes scenarios for paying off your mortgage early with bi-weekly or extra payments.⁣

GreatSchools Finder: If you’re considering potential neighborhoods for your fam, you need this app. Learn about nearby schools and how they compare to other schools, grade levels, and zones.⁣

Modsy: Modsy says it’s “the impossibly easy way to design your home.” We agree! Simply take a video of your space and receive 3-D interior design ideas that give a nod to your personality and style.⁣

Mint: You’re serious about buying a home. You should be just as serious about your budget. Stay on top of mortgage payments, utility bills with different due dates, and other statements and subscriptions with Mint. With more than 15 million users, you’ll be in good company. ⁣

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